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How do search engine advertising and Google AdWords work?

Knowledge base regarding search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA) und Google AdWords

How do search engine advertising and keyword advertising work?
The relevant keywords – search items, which are used by potential customers in search engines as Google, Yahoo! or Bing – are determined. Text link advertisement that match the keywords – e.g. Google Adwords – are created and linked to a landing page – a particular single web site on your internet site regarding a certain offer, topic or product. The search engine advertisements either only contain text or are display advertisements (image advertisements with pictures or video advertisements) which are placed right next to the search results in search engines. If a potential customer looks for search items for which the keywords have been determined, your advertisement is displayed in the search engine in line with your budget. You only have to pay if the potential customer clicks on the advertisement – the so-called cost-per-click method – and is forwarded to your web site. So you only pay for clicks, not for the flashes.

Costs of search engine advertising
In the search engine advertising, the advertiser is fully in control of the costs, because he already determines how much he wants to pay for the click in the advertisement when the campaign is created. If a keyword is wanted by several advertisers, the maximum bid decides on the position of the advertisements. Often clicked ads climb in their position and thus help to save money. The advertisements are paid according to the number of persons who really clicked on the ad and are forwarded to the advertiser’s web site. In contrast, the advertiser already pays for the advertisement to be displayed and viewed when it is a classical print advertisement or in the online banner advertisement. In addition, there are a constant agency fee for the campaign management of the search engine advertising (SEA) and a variable fee that depends on the advertising budget to be paid, as a general rule.

A good keyword analysis ensure successful search engine advertising campaigns
For making sure that the chosen keywords are actually used as search items by the consumers, it on the one hand may be helpful to talk to customers and partners about which keywords they would use for their search and on the other hand it is advisable to make a comprehensive keyword analysis and an evaluation of the own web site statistics, especially when the advertising budget is high. Efficient keywords avoid high waste circulations. It is important to use optimal keywords, because otherwise you might solicit surfers who are interested in the topic, but not in a business relationship or a purchase. So it surely makes more sense to advertise with the keywords “web site design agency” than just with the keyword “web site design”. The first keyword phrase signalizes clearly that someone is looking for an agency for web site design, but the keyword “web site design” might be looked for both by someone who is looking for an agency and by someone who wants to learn web site design himself.

Regional and geographic containment of search engine advertising
One big advantages of search engine advertising is the possibility to contain the advertising regionally, geographically and even temporally in the search engine marketing. Thus, a search engine advertisement can be restricted to Germany or a federal state or even to one city. This ensures that the advertisers only advertise where they are able to implement orders. A hairdresser from cologne surely does not want to gain customers from Australia with his advertisement. Therefore, it is advisable for him to restrict his advertisement to a particular area.

Target-oriented phrasing of the text link advertisements
The title of the text advertisement is very important, because it should pick up the interest and most of all the intention of the seeker directly. In the best of cases, the keyword is part of the title and describes the central request of the seeker. The text of the advertisement should be verbalized shortly, curtly and tersely.

Landing page has to pick up the interest of the seeker
After clicking on the search engine advertisement, the seeker should be directed onto a special target page of the company – also called landing page – which specifically edits the topic. The landing page has to appeal to the potential customer and should provide all relevant information on the search topic, but not overstrain the user with too many information in terms of a description of the entire corporate portfolio.

Successful search engine advertising with our internet marketing agency
Our internet marketing agency advises you on the internet marketing strategy, the internet marketing mix, the search engine marketing and especially on the search engine advertising. We support you in finding the right search items for your customers in and placing your advertising budget optimally. For this, we make keyword analyses based on your previous web site visitors and with the help of comprehensive keyword data base. We place your search engine advertisement in search engines as Google, Yahoo!, Bing or on other portals and web sites. The search engine advertisements are placed so that they will address exactly your target group and exactly in the geographical region you want to gain customers. You will get a detailed report on the progress and the success of your search engine advertisement campaign at the end of the campaign.

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