You offer products which require explanation or want to strengthen your image in the market?

By means of display and video ads, we vulgarize products which require explanation or strengthen your image building and branding via internet.

Online Display Advertising – Rich media – Banner advertising

Internet marketing with classical online advertising

Online display advertising – strengthening the image and increasing the brand awareness
Online display advertising is classic in the online advertising. Online display advertising is particularly strong when the objective of an advertising campaign is to increase the brand awareness of companies or products or to build up an image. Furthermore, the classic of the internet advertising – the online display advertising – has developed further. Today, the online display advertising is dominated by premium advertising formats, moving image advertisement and video ads as well as common display advertisements with a high rate of rich media elements such as flash and videos in addition to classical advertising banners.

Online display advertising is strong in social media communications and with innovations
Display advertising plays a decisive role as advertising medium especially for products in need of explanation and innovations. Thus, online display advertising is gladly used in the social media marketing / Facebook marketing today. Our internet advertising agency advises you in establishing online display advertising campaigns and organizes the complete online display advertising campaign from the design of the advertising media to the placement on advertising platforms to the performance measurement of the online display advertising for you.

Your advantages by online display advertising:

  • Particularly suitable for branding and image building
  • Films can tie customers especially when innovations and goods in need of explanation are concerned.
  • Simple and transparent pricing models per views and clicks

Our internet marketing agency supports you with the following services on the online display advertising:

  • Consulting and conception of online display advertising campaigns
  • Integration of the online display advertising campaign into the internet marketing mix
  • Conception, design and programming of online display advertising media (images, rich media, video)
  • Selection of target groups and placement in advertising platforms
  • Complete realization of the online display advertising campaign
  • Performance measurement of the online display advertising

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