Increasing the revenues exclusively by increasing the turnover can be very cost-intensive.

We develop intelligent price strategies for increasing your profit contribution via the prices with you.

Pricing strategy consulting & price management

Management consulting and marketing consulting regarding prices

Realizing potential yields with intelligent pricing strategies and price management
Our management consulting for price strategy and price management supports companies in the optimal pricing of their products, services and pricing bundles in order to realize potential yields. Our marketing consulting regarding prices develops individual pricing strategies and prize concepts, which achieve the marketing strategy objectives by means of an intelligent price policy in the marketing mix, for B2B, B2C and service companies.

Achieving an increased profit contribution with product pricing, customer pricing and price differentiation
In many companies, the costs are the base for the bottom price when fixing the prices. This method of pricing often is not optimal. Our pricing strategy consulting creates pricing strategies with which companies can skim off different stages of willingness to pay of customers in order to maximize the revenues. With different product price models, condition models for different customer segments (conditions management) and customers, price differentiation and yield management, especially when pricing services, intelligent business models and price models can increase your revenues. Apart from price management, our price strategy consulting supports companies in organizing the price communication and price enforcement in order to achieve profit objectives and sales targets systematically.

Our management consulting regarding pricing strategy and price management offers you the following services regarding pricing excellence:

  • Price consulting
  • Pricing strategies, price concepts, price models for product pricing and customer pricing
  • Pricing, price fixing and price setting
  • Detection of willingness to pay
  • Determining bottom prices and price ceilings
  • Price management and price positioning
  • Price differentiation and price-bundling strategy
  • Price communication and price enforcement
  • Discounts (deductions, customer programs, price systems)
  • Price controlling
  • Integrating the price management and the price policy into the marketing mix and the marketing strategy

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