We do not leave you alone in the internet marketing jungle.

We create your internet marketing as successful sales channel.

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Internet Marketing and Advertising – Online Marketing – E-Marketing

Internet marketing agency, marketing consulting and strategy consulting

Successful internet marketing by specialists for internet marketing strategies and campaigns
Our internet marketing strategy consulting and agency advises you on all questions concerning internet marketing, develops successful internet marketing strategies, compiles the optimal internet marketing mix and organizes profitable internet marketing campaigns for your company.

Using the internet as successful sales channel with internet marketing and internet advertising
Your marketing and sales success in the internet is our mission. Our internet marketing strategy consulting composes your internet marketing strategy and chooses the optimal internet sales channels for your business from the many internet marketing channels and actions – search engine marketing (SEM;), search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing, display advertisement, newsletter marketing, online PR and video marketing (video ads). Our internet marketing agency organizes the internet marketing campaigns based on your individual internet marketing mix with the aim to strengthen your competitive position via the internet.

Our internet marketing agency implements the following objectives with you:

  • Increasing the number of contact enquiries or other leads
  • Raising the number of conversions
  • Increasing the number of customers
  • Raising the turn overs
  • Increasing the customer loyalty
  • Establishing a corporate image
  • Increasing the brand awareness

The services of our internet marketing and advertising strategy consulting and agency are:

  • Internet marketing strategy
    Developing successful strategies for the internet marketing and integrating the internet marketing into the corporate marketing.
  • Internet marketing mix & marketing planning in the internet
    Conception of the marketing mix for companies, planning and organizing the internet marketing campaigns, performance measurement and marketing controlling of internet marketing campaigns.
  • Web sites, web portals and landing pages for internet marketing campaigns
    Conception, corporate design, web design and web programming of internet marketing optimized web sites, web portals and landing pages. Integration of content-management-systems (CMS) and online shops in web sites.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    Analysis of the initial situation, strategy conception for the search engine marketing, development of the search engine marketing mix consisting of search engine advertising and search engine optimization, selection of the search engine marketing focal points such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and organization of the search engine marketing actions.
  • Search engine advertising (SEA) / Keyword advertising / Text link advertisements
    Consulting, keyword analysis, keyword selection, selection of the target groups and the regions for the internet advertising, design of text and display advertisements, conception of a marketing mix for search engine advertising, optimal allocation of the budget, organization of the search engine advertising campaigns, campaign management, performance measurement of the search engine advertising.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Consulting, ranking analysis of the initial situation, keyword analysis, strategy conception for search engine optimization, organization of the search engine optimization actions and ranking optimization. Performance measurement of the ranking optimization.
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
    Consulting, conception and development of social media marketing strategies, selection of social communities (such as Facebook, Twitter, XING and so on) and platforms for the social media marketing, organization of social media marketing campaigns and performance measurement of the social media marketing actions.
  • Affiliate marketing
    Consulting, conception of the affiliate marketing strategy, design of advertising media, selection of affiliate marketing and partner programs respectively, conception of a charging model (conditions and pricing), selection of affiliate partners and affiliate platforms, affiliate marketing campaign management, evaluation of the affiliate campaigns.
  • Display advertising / Display ads / Danner advertisement
    Consulting, conception of the display advertisement, design of the advertising media and banner advertisement, conception of display advertisement campaigns, campaign management and performance measurement.
  • Newsletter marketing
    Consulting, conception of the newsletter marketing and the complete organization of the newsletter management, selection of newsletter target groups, design of the newsletter texts, graphic design of HTML newsletters, dispatch of the newsletters, performance measurement of the newsletter
  • Online PR / Online public relations / Online press relations
    Consulting, conception and organization of online PR, writing online and search engine optimized press releases, text design of online advertising media and web sites, dispatch of press releases via press portals and social networks, performance measurement of the online PR.
  • Behavioral targeting
    Consulting, analysis and conception of behavioral targeting marketing, defining target groups by orienting on the users’ behavior, segmenting profiles, optimization of campaigns
  • Online video marketing / online video advertising / online video ads
    Consulting and conception of online video marketing and advertising, conception, shoot, postproduction of corporate videos, image movies and product videos. Design of video ads and spreading video ads via video portals.

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