IT as enabler for corporate strategies, marketing and business processes

We support companies with IT strategies, IT process optimization, business software, web-based applications and business web sites.

IT Management Consulting for Medium-sized Businesses

IT services and web development

Leading IT projects to measurable successes
Our integrated team from IT strategy consulting, IT services and software development is your partner for implementing corporate strategies, marketing concepts and IT strategies into measurable IT and web projects for medium-sized businesses. The effective use of IT, business software and internet applications has become a decisive growth and competitive factor for companies. Thus, we offer an optimal IT solutions team for medium-sized companies by combining management consultants, IT experts and software developers to one multidisciplinary team of experts.

We are specialized in IT consulting, IT services and software development in the following areas:

  • IT strategy consulting
    Development and implementation of IT strategies, internet strategies and e-business strategies
    strategic IT management
  • IT service management
    IT business process optimization, IT outsourcing, corporate IT, IT infrastructure consulting, cloud computing & software-as-a-service (SaaS), application hosting and web hosting, management security as-a-service
  • Content management systems (CMS)
    Commercial and open source CMS (amongst others TYPO3, Joomla!)
  • Business software
    Consulting and services for ERP, CRM, CMS, internet payment, online shop
  • Web site development for companies
    Web conception, web design and web programming
  • Web-based software development
    Development of browser-based software, integration of web services & APIs

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