Strategy consulting and management consulting

Competitive advantages. Measurable results. Values

Strategy consulting in order to create competitive advantages
Our strategy consulting develops strategies with our customers, because strategies are the base for successful actions. For us, strategy consulting is an integral process, because only a comprehensive and independent analysis of the competitive position and the company resources, an integral examination of the business situation and a consistent development and implementation of a strategy can create competitive advantages and finally measurable results and sustainable values for customers, employees and entrepreneurs.

Our strategy consultancy is specialized in the cooperative development of corporate strategies, marketing strategies, market entry strategies, growth strategies, e-business strategies, IT strategies, internet strategies, internet marketing strategies, strategies for business process optimization and finance strategies.

Management consultancy for measurable success
Strategy consulting is a central division of our management consultancy. Our management consultancy advises entrepreneurs, managers and experts apart from consulting in corporate strategy, marketing strategy, financing strategy, IT strategy and other professional strategies also in individual problems and questions of detail. Additionally, our management consultancy offers numerous services to our customers, especially in the areas marketing, financial accounting and IT with the teams of our marketing agency, IT service provider and accounting.

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