Business software is supposed to support your business processes and give you more time for the core business.

We support you with business software solutions for

ERP – CRM – CMS – online shops – E-commerce – internet payment

Business Software – ERP in the small firm sector

IT management consultancy and IT service provider for business software

Business software ERP for medium-sized companies
As IT consultancy and service provider who is specialized in company software (ERP systems) we advise small and medium-sized business (SMB) in introducing, operating and optimizing economic business software. Our IT business consultancy provides all services for the company software from consulting, decision support and selection of ERP systems and components to the introduction, installation, configuration and training courses for administrator and users to the optimization of the business processes by means of business software.

Achieving surpluses by optimizing business processes with business software & ERP 2.0 (SaaS)
Our IT management consulting supports medium-sized companies by developing an IT strategy and optimizing IT business processes with the help of economic business software. Additionally, we are specialized in business software (ERP-as-a-service) for rent and web based and browser-based ERP modules. We also offer many business software solutions as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Hosted Server.

Our business software consulting particularly offers services for the following business software components:

  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) / contact management
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) including
    • order handling management and inventory management
    • financial accounting
    • assets accounting
    • personnel accounting software
    • travel expenses software
  • E-commerce systems
    • online shops
    • e-payment / IPayment

Our services as your business software consultant and service provider for medium-sized business:

  • Integral consulting and services for business software / ERP in medium-sized businesses
    decision support, selection (standard software or custom software), introduction, installation, configuration and training courses for administrators, department heads and users
  • Optimizing IT business processes with the help of business software
  • Business software hosting and business software for rent (ERP-as-a-service)
  • Further IT consulting and services:
    E-business, IT strategy, IT service management, IT business process optimization & IT business process management, IT outsourcing, IT infrastructure, IT business optimization, cloud computing / software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Your advantages with our business software consultancy:

  • Independent business software consulting and personal contact persons
  • Economic and technical consulting by a multidisciplinary IT business team of experts
  • Integration of business software into the business strategy and the IT strategy
  • Focus on achieving economic objectives by means of business software
  • Cost-benefit-analysis of business software
  • Business process optimization by means of business software

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