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Successfully acquiring new customers on the internet with search engine advertising

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Generating leads and new turnovers efficiently with Google Adwords
Search engine advertising (SEA) is a part of search engine marketing (SEM) and a very efficient form of internet advertising via internet. For this, advertisements – ads – are placed in leading search engines such as amongst others Google, Yahoo! or Bing among relevant keywords for your web site by our internet marketing agency. By means of search engine advertising, you can acquire new customers and generate turnovers already with a low budget. Our internet marketing and Google Adwords agency supports you in raising new turnover opportunities by means of search engine marketing via Google Adwords and other search engine marketing platforms.

Your advantages by search engine advertising and Google Adwords advertising:

  • Competitive and highly efficient advertising form.
  • Advertising possible without waste coverage.
  • Entry is possible already at a low budget.
  • Full cost control by means of a determined budget.
  • Target-oriented placement of advertisement according to items, phrases, geographical regions, languages.
  • Payment dependent on clicks – you only have to pay when the seekers actually visit your web site via the advertisement.
  • Especially suitable for rarely sought-after search items.

The services of our internet marketing agency in the search engine advertising are:

  • Analysis and consulting regarding search engine advertising (SEA) and Google Adwords
  • Keyword analysis, search phrase analysis and optimal selection of optimal keywords and search phrases
  • Selection of target groups
  • Creation of text link advertisements and display advertisements
  • Optimal distribution of the advertising budget
  • Optimization of landing pages and web sites for search engines
  • Selection of advertising platforms, amongst others Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook
  • Campaign creation, campaign management and optimization of existent search engine advertising campaigns
  • Evaluation of the advertising costs per contact enquiry and/or purchase
  • Performance measurement of your search engine advertising and Google Adwords campaigns
  • Conversion optimization of your search engine marketing campaigns

More information about search engine advertising (SEA) and Google Adwords is available in our knowledge base regarding search engine advertising (SEA) and Google Adwords (keywords advertising, text link advertising, search engine advertisement campaigns).

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