What is the use of the best internet marketing if visitors leave the web site shortly after entering it?

We make sure that all factors of success for successful internet marketing are optimal: From the design to the advertising to the contents of your web site.

Web site creation – corporate web sites, web portals, online shops, corporate blogs

Internet marketing agency for marketing optimized corporate web sites

Corporate web site creation for successful internet marketing
Our internet marketing, communication and web design agency creates professional web sites for the successful B2B and B2C marketing of companies on the internet. Today, the internet is an important and often also decisive factor in the information search, initial business contacts, purchase preparation and the purchase itself.

From web site design to web programming to internet advertising
Our employees from the areas internet marketing, corporate design, communications, web design and web programming develop corporate web sites for your sales on the internet which include all factors of success of a good internet marketing strategy and web design. The best internet marketing is only suboptimal if the corporate web site, the web portal, the online shop or the landing page does not render the performance bond the internet advertising promises. Thus, our internet marketing agency creates corporate web sites which include all factors of success of a web site – good contents, target group oriented communications, appealing design, secure and comfortable content management system (CMS) and effective internet marketing.

Your advantages with our internet marketing optimized web sites:

  • Increase in the enquiries / leads, sales or newsletter subscriptions
  • Signaling a higher degree of trust
  • Raising the image
  • Increase in the brand awareness
  • Higher ranking in search engines such as Google

The full service of our internet marketing agency is:

  • Creation of the web site design which regards the strategy and the content
  • Draft of a corporate design for the internet site and further media
  • Web design / screen design
  • Search engine optimized web programming of the internet site
  • Usability optimization and handicapped accessible web sites
  • Writing of web site texts and continuous web site compilation
  • Integration of modern features such as print optimized design, RSS feeds, blogs, glossary, social networks features (Facebook, Twitter, XING)
  • Integration of business processes into the web site (customers, partners and employees)
  • Selection and appliance of a web content management system (CMS)
  • Configuration and integration of online shops and e-commerce systems
  • Integration of e-payment systems into the web site and the shop system
  • Creation of an internet marketing strategy and planning of the internet marketing mix
  • Integration of the internet marketing into the marketing strategy
  • Ranking optimization for search engines
  • Internet marketing and advertising campaigns for the web site via online marketing actions such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing, newsletter marketing, online PR, behavioral targeting, Facebook and Twitter marketing and online video marketing.

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