Increase your sales and leads competitively.

We increase your customer tie and your customer inquiries by means of target group-oriented newsletter campaigns.

Newsletter marketing as means to acquire new customers and increase the customer loyalty

Newsletter agency for professional newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing – more leads and sales for companies
With newsletter marketing, our newsletter marketing agency supports companies in acquiring customers per newsletter, increasing the customer loyalty and finally increasing the turnovers. Our agency supports you with professional newsletter marketing for the B2B marketing and the B2C marketing as part of your marketing mix. On demand, we organize the complete value creation chain of the newsletter marketing for you – from the conception, the writing of the newsletter texts, the integration of the newsletter marketing contents into your web site to the selection of target groups, the dispatch of the newsletter and finally the performance measurement of the newsletter marketing.

Your advantages in the newsletter marketing:

  • Cost-effective address of customers and prospective customers
  • Increase in leads and sales
  • Increase of the customer loyalty
  • Prompt and short-term information for customers
  • Target group oriented newsletters
  • Low waste coverage
  • Decrease in counter-orders
  • Measurable newsletter marketing results

Our newsletter marketing agency supports you with the following services:

  • Consulting and conception of the newsletter marketing strategy
  • Integration of the newsletter marketing into the internet marketing mix
  • Planning of objectives, target groups, topics, contents, dispatch frequency and advertising
  • Complete organization of the newsletter marketing
  • Design & layout of the newsletter
  • Compilation of unique and regular newsletters
  • Selection of target groups and segmentation of customer groups, partner groups or prospective customers
  • Personalization of newsletters
  • Performance measurement of newsletters
  • Integration of newsletter entry forms and deregistration forms into the internet site
  • Integration of newsletter contents into the corporate web site
  • Selection of a newsletter marketing software solution

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