Identify strengths and weaknesses of internet pages is important for raising potentials of success.

We optimize your web site integrally – target groups, contents, design, usability… - so that your internet marketing is even more successful.

Internet SWOT analysis, web analysis, usability optimization

Management consulting – internet strategy and internet marketing

With internet SWOT, web analysis and usability optimization more success with the corporate web site
Our team management consulting internet strategy and internet marketing agency analyzes, advises and optimizes web sites of companies in order to position company web site more successfully and use them more efficiently in the B2C and B2B marketing.

More internet marketing success by means of integral analysis and optimization of web sites
In order to realize a successful marketing via internet, i. e. gaining customers via internet and elate established customers via the internet, it is necessary to work on all factors of success of a web site and the internet marketing. Our internet consulting thus makes internet SWOT analyses, web analyses and usability tests and optimization in order to increase the internet marketing success with you.

Your advantages by means of SWOT, web analysis and usability optimization:

  • Target group-oriented web site and sales approach
  • Increased number of qualified contact enquired / leads and sales via the web site
  • Increase in the turnovers and customer loyalty
  • Increase in the customer-oriented services and navigation on the web site
  • Better overview of the competitive situation on the internet
  • Integration of the internet into the corporate and the marketing strategy

Our internet analysis – internet SWOT, web analysis and usability optimization – includes the following services:

  • Analysis of the internal internet strategy
    • Integration of the internet strategy into the corporate and the marketing strategy
    • Integration of the e-business and the internet marketing strategy into the corporate, business area and marketing strategy
    • Illustration of business processes and business models via the web site
  • Analysis of the own corporate web site
    • Target groups, content and language of the web site (corporate communications).
    • Corporate design
    • Business user centered design
    • Web site structure
    • Usability and user navigation
    • Features, surpluses and whitepapers
    • Technical implementation and web programming
    • Content management systems
    • Potential e-commerce systems: online shops, e-payment systems and junction to inventory management and ERP
  • Analysis of the own internet marketing
    • Internet marketing and e-marketing strategy
    • Integration of the online internet marketing mix into the offline marketing mix
    • Keyword analyses and search engine positioning
    • Internet marketing mix (search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing, display advertising, newsletter marketing, behavioral targeting, online PR)
  • External internet analysis
    • Analysis of the competitors with regard to internet strategy, web site and internet marketing
    • Analysis of the consumers with regard to whereabouts on the internet, lead channels, consumer behavior and relevant markets
    • Analysis of the competitive environment (competition within the industry, new competitors, substitute goods, consumers, potential partners)
  • Internet SWOT analysis – SWOT Analysis with recommendations regarding the actions for the corporate internet strategy

We will gladly make problem-related partial analyses for you, too.

Better internet strategies by means of cooperation of interdisciplinary internet experts
In order to develop the best recommendations for actions regarding your internet strategy, specialists from the specific fields business economics (strategy, marketing), communications, design, web programming and search engine optimization work together and use applied analysis methods from the corporate analysis, market and competitive analysis (selected competitors), marketing research, market observation and competitive intelligence, media analysis and internet marketing analysis (incl. keyword analyses, internet market competition analyses).

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