Competitive pressure, price wars, fast moving product cycles and many sales channels do not make B2C marketing easier.

We develop emotional and economically measurable B2C marketing strategies and increase your customer values.

Business-to-Consumer /B2C / BtC) – marketing consulting and marketing management

Marketing strategy consulting for B2C – consumer goods marketing

Acting more successful on consumer goods markets with B2C marketing consulting
The growing competitive pressure, price wars, often shorter product life cycles and an increasing number of sales channels make the competition on the consumer goods markets harder and harder. Peculiar B2C marketing strategies are necessary to be successful in the B2C business. Our B2C marketing consulting supports our customers in positioning themselves optimally at the market and in increasing their competitiveness in the B2C competition – especially in the mass marketing.

Our services in the economic Business-to-Consumer marketing consulting and the B2C management especially contain:

  • Developing B2C marketing strategies and B2C marketing concepts
  • Monitoring and optimizing the marketing management and the marketing organization
  • Developing brands and marketing strategies
  • Analyzing the consumer preferences, consumer behavior, willingness to pay, market segments, competitor behavior and substitutes for B2C markets
  • Implementing internet marketing strategies for B2C markets
  • Conception of the marketing mix for the B2C marketing
    • Product
    • Price
    • Communications
    • Sales
  • Decision support on the customer orientation and the market orientation in the B2C business
  • Focusing onto creating competitive advantages and customer advantages for our customers
  • Monitoring and implementing marketing measures
  • Optimizing and controlling the B2C marketing performance indicators:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer focus
    • Customer loyalty
    • Customer value (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Marketing controlling of the economic marketing results

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