Catch up with competition? Growing faster than the competitors?

Competitive advantages by means of informational edges:

Analysis, observation, evaluation and concrete recommendations regarding actions.

Marketing intelligence – marketing consulting and marketing research

Marketing intelligence – strategy consulting for the competitive advantage

Marketing intelligence (MI) and competitive intelligence (CI) for gaining an edge on information
Only those who have got preferably all relevant information have the chance to make an economically ideal decision. Therefore, we support our customers with our marketing strategy consulting and marketing research by gathering relevant information, analyzing data, evaluating and presenting them and supporting our customers in making economic decisions.

Our marketing strategy consulting and marketing research provides marketing intelligence services in the following four areas:

  • Situation analyses & potential analyses
    Compiling situation analyses and potential analyses for economic questions.
  • Market analyses & competition analyses
    Performing analyses on markets and competitors.
  • Market observation and market monitoring
    Continuously monitoring market developments (competitors and consumers), changes in the technical environment, trends and M&A activities.
  • Marketing controlling
    Optimizing the marketing budget, measuring the performance of marketing actions, measuring performance data such as customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer retention, customer value (Customer Lifetime Value).
  • Marketing research and market research
    Using scientifically substantiated multivariate analysis methods (amongst others regression analysis, conjoint analysis/conjoint measurement) in order to answer marketing questions, e. g. “What are the sales prospects of product ideas? What is the influence of brand names or the effects of product changes on the sales?”

Marketing intelligence and competitive intelligence for gaining a better view on the market, competitors and consumers
With the means of marketing intelligence and competitive intelligence, our marketing consulting compiles all relevant information for our customers regularly or case-related for particular questions according to the customer’s information needs and evaluates them. These services in the marketing intelligence enable our customers to adapt their marketing strategy or competitive strategy to the changing market conditions prematurely in order to avoid competitive disadvantages or to implement edges in information into chances.

More marketing intelligence by combining external and internal marketing information
By linking the results of market analyses and market observations with our services in marketing research and marketing controlling, we can connect internal and external marketing information in order to offer our customers comprehensive marketing intelligence services.

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