Why do consumers prefer to buy from the competitor? Why are the competitors able to offer at a lower price?

We do not only answer open questions but also find successful strategies in order to increase your competitiveness.

Markting analyses: Market analysis and competitive analysis

Marketing research and marketing consulting for competitive positioning

Market analysis and competitive analysis for more competitive companies
For being able to compete permanently and successfully, companies have to obtain, analyze and evaluate relevant market information continuously. We offer our clients not just a regular market observation and competitive intelligence but also different marketing analyses (market analysis, competitive analysis, competitor analysis) and further economic business analyses (amongst others potential analysis, situation analysis).

Determining the strategic initial situation by market analyses and competitive analyses
Our strategy consulting and marketing research surveys the strategic initial situation for our customers on the markets by analyzing the company, the global environment and the extended company-specific environment as well as the industry structure (competitors in the industrial sector, consumers, replacement products, suppliers and potential new competitors).

Result-oriented competitive analysis based on specific questions and problems
Based on the collected data, our marketing consulting makes selected analyses with substantiated methods, e. g. with regard to the market structure, market volume, market prospects, market entry strategies, operating figures, competitors, industry structure, strategic groups, rivals, SWOT or trends. By means of the results, our strategy consulting assesses the chances and risks of the different options. Our strategy consulting uses the gathered information together with our customers to work on the strategic and functional measures for achieving market advantages.

Our marketing research offers the following services regarding market analysis and competitive analyses:

  • Market analysis and competitive analysis
    Analysis of the global environment (legally, economically, ecologically, socially, technically), analysis of the relevant markets (market structure, market volume, market prospects, market entry strategies, competitors, industry structure) and analysis of the competitive environment (competitors in the industry, consumers, replacement products, suppliers and potential new competitors)
  • Competitive analysis and competitor analysis
    Competitive analysis of selected rivals (portfolio, products and services, customers and suppliers, capital structure, positioning at the market, organizational structure, marketing and communications) or competitive analysis regarding selected competitors and specific questions e. g. concerning the market entry, the technology or the diversification of the corporate portfolio.
  • Market observation and competitive intelligence
    Creating an information profile (amongst others selection of competitors, industries, regions, products) based on the information needs and information processing regarding the intention of the customer.

Market analysis and competitive analysis as support for generating competitive advantages
The success of a company depends on its ability to meet its customers’ needs and to stand up against the competitors with a better offer. To be continuously successful at the market, a company must have at least one competitive advantage in one strategic business area. In order to achieve competitive advantages and position themselves optimally at the market, it is necessary for companies to obtain information on markets, industries, competitors and potentials regularly and analyze them. At this, our marketing research supports our customers with market observations and competitive intelligence.

From the competitive analysis to the continuous market observation and competitive intelligence
We make general and issue-related market observations and competitive intelligence for our customers based on a market and competitive analysis, but also independent from it. In order to benefit from information advantages permanently, it is sensible to have a continuous market observation follow the market analysis and the competitive analysis.

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