Estimate the chances of product ideas? Identify the factors of success of product changes?

We identify the factors of success for your new products and measure the influence of your advertising costs onto the sales figures.

Marketing research and market research for measuring the performance in the marketing

Marketing research and controlling with multivariate analysis methods

More transparency by means of marketing research and market research in the marketing controlling
By employing marketing research and market research, companies can improve the success in the marketing considerably. Especially the product development is marked by a great insecurity. Marketing research as a part of the marketing controlling can considerably decrease this insecurity.

Marketing research makes components of success of new products identifiable
To be able to fulfill the consumers’ needs, companies have to detect the consumers’ wishes. Especially with radical product innovations, companies should test the chances that there are buyers for their product idea before they start the product development. We do not leave our customers with a gut feeling in the product development, but test questions on the sales potentials of product ideas, the influence of brand names or the effects of product changes in established products onto the future sales with ecometric methods.

Our services in the marketing research and market research for our customers contain in detail:

  • Consulting and draft of the questionnaire design.
  • Realization of an interview, an observation or a panel.
  • Evaluation of the results with scientific marketing research methods.
  • Illustration and analysis report of the results.
  • Tangible recommendations for action for the decision of our customers.

Our services in the marketing research answer amongst other the following questions for our customers:

  • Does the amount of turnover depend on the number of customer calls?
  • How will the sales change if the advertising is doubled?
  • Is it sufficient to evaluate the sales on the basis of the advertising expenses or do the price and the number of sales calls influence the sales, too?
  • How can the development of the sales in the next months be predicted?
  • How do you detect the delay of effect in the promotion?
  • What effect will a price increase of 15 % have onto the sales if the advertising expenses are increased by 10 % simultaneously?
  • Which effect do the different advertising formats of a product have on the sales figures?
  • How does a brand name influence the sales figures?
  • Which strategy is suitable for the market entry?

Granting quality in the marketing research by using scientific multivariate analysis methods
In order to achieve high-quality results for our customers, we rely on scientifically substantiated, multivariate analysis methods. Our preset analysis methods include amongst others:

  • Conjoint analysis, conjoint measurement
  • Regression analysis
  • Variance analysis
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Logical regression
  • Cluster analysis
  • Neural network

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