How does the turnover chance if we increase the prices? Will we be able to conclude more orders if we increase the number of customer calls?

We make marketing measurable and optimize your marketing budget.

Marketing controlling – marketing consulting

Marketing agency for optimizing the marketing budget

Marketing controlling – Making marketing measurable
The marketing controlling of the corporate marketing and the performance measurement of single marketing actions are important to ensure the efficiency and the success of the marketing. Our marketing consulting supports our customers in establishing a marketing controlling or carries the marketing controlling out for our customers in close cooperation with the departments marketing and controlling.

Marketing controlling supports the target achievement of the marketing
The strategic marketing planning is followed by the task to achieve the different marketing objectives by means of appropriate marketing actions. The target achievement of the marketing actions can only be measured successfully with an efficient marketing controlling. Our marketing consulting breaks down, how much the customer satisfaction, customer tie, customer loyalty or brand awareness influence the business volume.

Our marketing consulting in the marketing controlling includes in detail:

  • Optimization of the marketing budget
  • Performance measurement of the entire corporate marketing
  • Assessment of the marketing expenses
  • Performance measurement of single marketing actions (e. g. mailings, trade fairs, telemarketing, internet marketing, online advertising, print advertising)
  • Measuring the customer value – customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Evaluation of the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Influence of the marketing actions onto the company value
  • Measuring sales opportunities for new products and product improvements

Measurable marketing instead of gut feeling
We do not leave our customers with a gut feeling in the product development, but check the sales opportunities of product ideas with substantiated methods. By means of premature marketing controlling, we determine the success of marketing campaigns – amongst others mailings, trade fairs, telemarketing – and the influence of the marketing actions onto the success and the value of a company.

Our marketing consulting answers the questions of the marketing controlling:

  • Does an increased customer satisfaction really increase our sales?
  • Is the last mailing responsible for the increased sales figures or is the last trade show presentation?
  • Does the amount of turnover depend on the number of customer calls?
  • How will the sales change if the advertising is doubled?
  • Is the print advertising or the online advertising responsible for the sales figures?
  • Is it sufficient to evaluate the sales on the basis of the advertising expenses or do the price and the number of sales calls influence the sales, too?
  • How can the development of the sales in the next months be predicted?
  • How do you detect the delay of effect in the promotion?
  • What effect will a price increase of 15 % have onto the sales if the advertising expenses are increased by 10 % simultaneously?
  • How does a brand name influence the sales figures?
  • How do the marketing actions influence the company value?

Performance measurement is possible in the marketing
“Have the marketing actions been successful?” or “Is the current advertisement decisive for the many sales last month?” are typical questions of companies assessing the marketing expenses. The increasing competitive pressure compels companies to keep their marketing expenses cost-effective and optimize the performance. The revenues from single marketing actions are often also not clearly manageable because of the economies of scope of each marketing action and the temporal delay effects. Our marketing consulting is able to measure the success of the single marketing actions by means of modern methods in the marketing controlling. By this, we can decrease the marketing expenses of our customers and simultaneously increase the performance of the marketing budget.

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