Acting entrepreneurially is characterized by economic decisions.

We cannot decide for you, but we can extend your information base by means of situation and potential analyses.

Potential analysis and situation analysis

Strategy consulting for substantiated economic decisions

Situation analyses and potential analyses for secure decisions
Our marketing consulting and marketing research supports our customers with situation analyses and potential analyses. Companies are faced again and again with new and complex situations in the competition in their entrepreneurial action. Our strategy consulting therefore supports our customers in making economic decisions by providing substantiated situation analyses and potential analyses.

Situation analysis for competitive solutions
Changes of strategy, entering new markets or new business areas, new products and services, new target segments, new business models, new technologies, changes in the general conditions, changes in the cost structure and in the revenue structure or converting the portfolio are typical issues we analyze in situation analyses for our customers and for which we develop approaches. In the situation analysis, our marketing consulting analyzes the internal situation of the company and the external general conditions on the markets together with our customers in order to provide an optimal basis for the recommended procedures and procedure monitoring for the company. A business analysis, market analysis and competitive analysis are part of the situation analysis.

Potential analysis for identifying corporate resources
In the potential analysis, our strategy consulting analyzes especially the internal general conditions in the company with regard to the positioning in the competition and the possibilities to achieve business objectives with the given resources. In the potential analysis, all resources in the company are analyzed. Our marketing consulting analyzes the potential of the company for particular markets, products or other intentions. A SWOT analysis is part of the potential analysis.

Our strategy consulting and marketing research offers the following services:

  • Situation analysis
    Making an issue-related business analysis, market analysis and competitive analysis regarding economic issues such as strategy, changes in the corporate portfolio, entering new markets, establishing new business models, etc.
  • Potential analysis
    Internal business analysis incl. SWOT analysis, potential analysis of the corporate resources (amongst others personnel, infrastructure, finances, market position). Potential analysis regarding business objectives, market opportunities, products and business models.