The marketing of a service is often affected by the non-visibility of the activity.

We make your services visible to your customer and facilitate the service marketing by means of intelligent business and price models.

Service marketing – marketing consulting and marketing management

Marketing strategy consulting for service marketing

The characteristics of services require a particular service management
The importance of service has increased strongly during the last decades. Additionally, services often are a part of performance bundles in the B2B marketing and the B2c marketing today. In contrast to consumer goods and industrial goods, services are affected by particular characteristics, which strongly influence the marketing of services. These characteristics especially include the immateriality/intangibility of services, putridness, inclusion or even cooperation of the service recipient, individuality of the service and lastly often the perceived purchase risk.

Marketing strategy consulting for services and service packages in the B2B marketing and the B2C marketing

Our marketing consulting develops particular marketing strategies that are tailored to the peculiarities of our customers’ services together with our customers. The aim of our marketing strategy for services is visualizing invisible service, reducing potential purchase risks, optimizing the cooperation with our customers’ consumers and developing appropriate price models. Our marketing consulting is specialized in developing marketing strategies for services in the B2B business and the B2C business – both stand-alone services or as a part of a performance bundle.

Our services in the marketing consulting in the service marketing especially include:

  • Developing marketing strategies and marketing concepts for services
  • Monitoring and optimizing the marketing management and the marketing organization
  • Developing services brands and service marketing strategies
  • Analyzing the consumer preferences, consumer behavior, willingness to pay, market segments, competitor behavior and substitutes in service markets
  • Implementing the internet marketing strategies for services
  • Conception of the marketing mix for services
    • Product
    • Price
    • Communications
    • Sales
  • Decisions on the customer orientation and market orientation in the service marketing
  • Focusing on creating competitive advantages and customer advantages for our customers
  • Optimizing and controlling the service marketing performance indicators:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer focus
    • Customer loyalty
    • Customer value (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Marketing controlling of the economic service marketing results

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