Economically reasonable ideas which are not implemented are missed opportunities.

We communicate inventions successfully into the markets and turn them into innovations that succeed in the market.

Innovation marketing – marketing consulting and marketing management

Marketing strategy consulting for innovation marketing

Innovation marketing as means for implementing competitive opportunities
Our strategy consulting for innovation marketing supports our customers in the entire process of innovation marketing – from the idea to the successful marketing of the innovation. The aim of our marketing consulting for innovation marketing is to strengthen our customers’ competitive advantages together with them. Without innovations, companies often only undergo a hard price competition and are unable to differentiate sufficiently on the relevant markets. There are versatile innovation opportunities for companies since innovations may be entirely new products for all markets and suppliers or the re-positioning of existing products as innovation in new markets or even product improvements of existing products on established markets.

Innovation marketing and innovation management are an important factor of success
Innovations are often characterized by a high degree of novelty, the complexity in the process of development and insecurities and risks on the supply side and the demand side. These particular characteristics and the requirement involved to overcome the suppliers’ and the consumers’ resistance are crucial for the creation of a marketing that is oriented toward the innovation process. Innovation marketing already begins with the gathering of ideas and not only with the marketing. Our strategy consulting for innovation marketing supports our customers in the following areas: Development of the product idea, support in research and development, assessment of ideas and inventions, management and arrangement of the innovation process to the market launch of the inventions. In the innovation marketing, we make sure the innovation generates a significant added value for the customer and that this added value is also communicated optimally to the consumers.

Our services in the marketing consulting for innovation marketing include:

  • Management of the innovation process
  • Gathering and substantiating ideas (amongst others conjoint analyses, quantity function development, lead user approach)
  • Management of the idea portfolio and the innovation portfolio
  • Defining the concept (choosing the target group, value proposition, product characteristics, positioning)
  • Assessing and choosing the concept (scoring, benefit analysis, concept tests, investment appraisal)
  • Planning the market launch strategy of innovations
  • Support in the market launch of innovations
  • Concept and arrangement of the marketing activities
  • Communicating innovations
  • Internet marketing strategies for innovations

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