The success in the B2B marketing depends on many performance indicators and on the persons involved in a sale.

We organize your B2B marketing campaigns in a way that will reach and move deciders.

Business-to-Business (B2B / BtB) – marketing consulting and marketing management

Marketing strategy consulting for the B2B business – industrial goods marketing

B2B marketing requires peculiar marketing strategies and marketing concepts
The rules in the B2B marketing or industrial goods marketing are different than for consumer goods marketing (B2C marketing). Our marketing consulting develops marketing strategies and marketing concepts for B2B marketing together with our customers. In B2B markets, the transactions between two companies are organized differently than the ones between consumers and a company. The structure and the behavior of the persons involved in the purchase in the industrial area differ from the consumer area basically. We systematize the buying processes with your B2B business partners and make their procurement structure and behavior more transparent. After structuring the buying processes, we orient the marketing specifically on the particular business type (product related business, investment business, systems business or suppliers business).

Our services in the economic Business-to-Business marketing consulting and B2B management especially include:

  • Developing B2B marketing strategies and B2B marketing concepts individually for the company
  • Monitoring and optimizing the marketing management and the marketing organization
  • Developing brands and marketing strategies
  • Analyzing the consumer preferences, consumer behavior (Buying Center), willingness to pay, market segments, competitor behavior and substitutes in B2B markets
  • Implementing B2B internet marketing strategies
  • Conception of the marketing mix for the B2B marketing
    • Product
    • Price
    • Communications
    • Sales
  • Decision on the customer orientation and the market orientation in the B2B business
  • Focusing on creating competitive advantages and customer advantages for our customers
  • Optimizing and controlling the B2B marketing performance indicators:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer focus
    • Customer loyalty
    • Customer value (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Marketing Controlling of the economic marketing results

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