Flyers, fair presences or internet advertising have to be able to achieve your marketing objectives.

Thus, we establish a marketing mix with you that is able to achieve the desired marketing objectives and is measurable before the image brochure is printed.

Marketing Consulting for the Marketing Mix – Marketing Instruments

Management consulting for the optimal marketing mix

Marketing mix as implementation of the marketing strategy
Our marketing consulting supports companies in developing the optimal marketing mix / the marketing instruments in the B2B marketing and the B2C marketing. We advise companies in planning the marketing mix – consisting of the marketing instruments product, price, distribution, and communications – and will assume the marketing management for the successful implementation of the marketing mix on request. The initial point for the marketing mix is the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is implemented in the marketing mix in concrete marketing actions.

Our services in the marketing consulting and the marketing management especially include:

  • Development of an individual marketing mix and the marketing instruments for any company
  • Monitoring and optimization of the marketing management and the marketing organization
  • Analysis of buyer preferences, buyer behavior (buying center), willingness to pay, market segments, competitors’ behavior and substitute goods in the markets
  • Conception of the marketing mix and the marketing management
    • Product (product launches and established products)
    • Price
    • Communications
    • Sales
  • Development of internet marketing strategies and conception of an internet marketing mix
  • Marketing controlling and performance measurement of the marketing actions

Marketing instruments as means to achieve marketing objects
Based on the corporate strategy, the marketing strategy and the number of strategic business areas, we compile the marketing mix for one or several business areas of the company with our customers that way, that the marketing mix (product policy, price policy, communications policy and sales policy) can achieve the desired economic marketing objectives, e.g. increase in turnovers and in profits or raise in profit contribution, successfully. When planning the marketing mix, our marketing consulting takes the market-related objectives (sales, market share, number of customers, customer loyalty, purchase frequency, customer penetration) into consideration and integrates the internet marketing mix into the marketing strategy of the customer.

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