Social networks offer new channels for the marketing – both for the sales and for the product development.

We let you start into the social media worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Xing & Co. with strategies and concepts.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Optimization – Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing agency for successful social media marketing (SMM)

Branding and marketing communication by means of social media marketing
Our internet marketing consulting and agency advises companies with the introduction into social media marketing (SMM) – such as Twitter or Facebook – by means of social media optimization (SMO) of existent internet sites or in extending social media marketing activities.

Integrated marketing communication with Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing
We support companies both in integrating social media marketing into the internet marketing strategy and the marketing strategy of the company and in organizing and using social media marketing actions for the marketing communication, product communication and corporate communications. By means of social media marketing actions in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, we contact your target group, generate attention for your brands and products, initiate discussions and have contacts recommend your products and brands.

With social media marketing we can achieve the following objectives with companies:

  • Increase in the attendance on your corporate web site or product web site.
  • Increase in your brand awareness.
  • Activation and increase in the awareness of your company and your products
  • Development and maintenance of a positive brand image (reputation management).
  • Generate new leads, customers and turnovers.
  • Gain fans, early adopters and lead users.
  • Internet marketing research and market tests for new products and services. Interview of consumers and fans.

Our social media marketing team of the agency supports companies with the following services:

  • Consulting and strategy development for your social media marketing
  • Organization of social media marketing campaigns
  • Integration of social media marketing into the internet marketing mix and the marketing strategy
  • Selection of relevant social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, XING, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace
  • Performance measurement of social media marketing actions
  • Design of corporate presences – social media pages – amongst others in Facebook, XING
  • Design of internet sites with social media marketing elements
  • Optimization of internet sites for social media – social media optimization (SMO) amongst others by means of RSS feeds, improved link structures, social bookmarking, social media buttons
  • Corporate blogs
  • Supervision of social media marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, XING
  • Supervision of social communities / networks concerning relevant topics for you
  • Maintenance of corporate profiles in social media channels
  • Reputation management and recommendation management
  • Online PR / social media releases

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