Increase your revenues by means of internet marketing.

We establish the adequate internet marketing strategy for it with you.

Internet marketing strategies for marketing and sales

Consulting for successful internet marketing strategies

Internet marketing strategy for marketing success and sales success
Our internet marketing strategy consulting advises you on establishing and developing an internet marketing strategy for your company. Our strategy consulting creates concepts so that your company – whether in the B2B or B2C - is able to use the internet successfully in the marketing, sales or directly in the selling via online shops and thus can position itself better compared to the competitors.

Defining internet marketing strategy objectives as basis for success
Based on the internet marketing strategy, we develop the optimal internet marketing mix for your company and implement the internet marketing campaign management. A successful internet marketing strategy includes objectives that have to be achieved and whose success should be measured. Defining the internet marketing objectives is crucial, because not every internet marketing action is suitable for every objective. Our internet marketing strategy consulting can achieve amongst others the following internet marketing objectives with you:

  • Increasing the number of contact enquiries or other leads
  • Increasing the number of conversions
  • Raising the number of customers
  • Increasing the turn overs
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Establishing a corporate image
  • Raising the brand awareness

Integrating the internet marketing into the corporate marketing
Our internet marketing strategy consulting integrates the internet marketing strategy into your corporate marketing strategy with you. The internet marketing strategy should be an inherent part of the corporate strategy, the business segment strategy and the marketing strategy and not a separated marketing channel, because by integrating the internet marketing strategy into the general marketing strategy, the success of the actions is bigger.

Integral internet marketing strategies lead to success
Just as a car needs an engine, four tires, a steering wheel and much more to be able to drive, it does not suffice to turn on only one set screw – internet marketing, design, content and so on – to establish an economically successful internet marketing strategy. Therefore, we set value on an integral analysis of all factors of success of the internet marketing strategy.

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