A positive corporate image inspires trust in customers and boosts the turnovers.

Therefore, we fine-tune your strategy and create a corporate identity that is communicated into the markets emotionally.

Creating a corporate image with a corporate identity

Communications agency for corporate identity

Corporate Identity by means of implementing the corporate strategy
Our communications agency advises B2B and B2C companies in creating their corporate identity. In developing the corporate identity, our corporate agency begins directly at the corporate mission in the corporate strategy, because corporate identity is the target-oriented strategic planning and operational self-portrayal of a company and its internal and external objectives.

Integral corporate identity for companies
The corporate identity contains the entity of all communication processes and presents the corporate personality. The corporate identity of a company consists of the three areas corporate design, corporate communications and corporate behavior.

Our communications consulting and corporate agency supports companies by:

  • Sensitizing and consulting regarding the topic corporate identity
  • Creating a corporate identity based on the economic corporate strategy
  • Developing a corporate mission vision, mission, values (company principles)
  • Economic strategy consulting and marketing consulting in order to create or change corporate strategies
  • Developing an integral corporate identity
    • Corporate design
    • Corporate communications and
    • Corporate behavior.
  • Monitoring the corporate identity process on all development levels.
  • Measuring and controlling corporate identity actions.

Corporate image as perception of the company in the market
In contrast, the corporate image is the perception of the company by consumers and the market. So the objective of a corporate strategy is managing and determining the external perception of the company by means of a target-oriented corporate identity. We consider the creation of a corporate identity as a complex process that is lead to success with all employees.

Corporate identity as positive and sustainable company development
Our communications agency establishes the corporate identity together with our customers so that the corporate identity mirrors the objectives and values of the company and not vice versa. We do not limit ourselves to creating a logo or selecting colors with the corporate identity, but develop a corporate identity which contains all elements – design, communication and behavior. Our objective is creating a positive corporate image in public by means of an implemented corporate identity and thus influencing the achievement of corporate objectives decisively.

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