The objective of corporate behavior is not that your employees move like robots in the market.

We support you in having your employees communicate according to the corporate guidelines, uniformly and yet individually.

Corporate Behavior as behavior value driver

Communications agency for corporate identity strategies

Positive corporate image by corporate behavior
Corporate behavior describes the conclusive behavior of all persons of a company among each other and towards third persons, such as customers, suppliers and partners. Our communications agency works with companies on having their corporate behavior influence the corporate image of the company positively. As part of the corporate identity, the corporate behavior is, next to corporate design and corporate communications, responsible for the perception of the company at the market.

Our communications consulting and corporate agency supports companies by:

  • Sensitizing and consulting regarding the topic corporate behavior
  • Creating a corporate identity based on the economic corporate strategy
  • Developing a corporate mission vision, mission, values (company principles)
  • Economic strategy consulting and marketing consulting in order to create or change corporate strategies
  • Developing an integral corporate behavior for different behavioral situations such as communication behavior, price behavior, sales behavior or social behavior
  • Monitoring the corporate identity process on all development levels.
  • Measuring and controlling corporate identity actions.

Development of a conclusive corporate behavior in order to strengthen the corporate image
The behavior of the employees convey the values and objectives of the corporate policy and the corporate strategy, which are finally perceived by the public. The behavior of the employees can influence the corporate image of the company positively or negatively. Our communications consulting supports companies in implementing a conclusive corporate behavior together with their employees which finds itself company-widely on all behavioral levels (communication behavior, price behavior, sales behavior, social behavior, and so on).

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