Use a continuous corporate PR as extended arm of the marketing and sales.

We are your partner for corporate PR from the communications strategy to press releases to press work in social networks.

Public Relations – corporate PR – corporate communications

PR agency for corporate PR and corporate communications

Forming the corporate image with the help of corporate PR
Our PR agency supports companies in the B2B marketing and the B2C marketing by professional corporate public relations and corporate communications. We advise companies, develop PR strategies and PR concepts and organize operational public relations measures for companies in order to form the corporate image of companies, increase the degree of popularity and advance the constitution of strategic relationships between companies and other market actors and the public.

Corporate PR as the extended arm of marketing and sales
Our PR agency integrates PR into the communications planning, the marketing strategy and the corporate strategy of companies. Our communication experts create a positive image for your company at the market by means of corporate PR and inform journalists and the public about your company, your solutions and products with target group-oriented press relations. With professional corporate press relations, you can score in contrast to your competitors. Our PR experts select the right PR channels, design your news with regard to your corporate strategy, distribute your messages to the most important media and include online PR combined with social media marketing into the corporate PR.

Your advantages with our full service corporate PR agency:

  • Optimal address of the target group
  • Press relations and public relations as extended arm of the sales
  • Quick and cost-efficient distribution of information and press releases
  • Creating a positive company perception and brand awareness

Our corporate PR services include:

  • Consulting, strategies and implementation of the corporate PR
  • Target group-oriented determination of the PR channels for different target groups (such as journalists, investors, customer groups, potential customers)
  • Planning, implementation and performance measurement of PR campaigns as well as press clipping
  • Writing and distributing press releases in the classical PR channels and press portals
  • Complete organization and implementation of the following PR tools, amongst others:
    • Press releases
    • Press articles
    • Customer magazines
    • Staff magazines
    • User reports
    • Case studies
    • Press conferences
    • Journalist competitions
    • Press trips
  • Creating social media releases (messages for social networks) and distribution via social networks
  • Editorial supervision and technical implementation for different PR channels such as: press portals, press areas on the web site, internet sites and landing pages, web 2.0 portals, social networks (Facebook, XING), Twitter, RSS feeds, corporate blogs, forums, newsletters, podcasts, videos, wikis and mashups
  • Integration of the corporate PR into the marketing strategy and the social media marketing actions
  • Supporting the search engine optimization (SEO) by online PR.

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