Communication has to be planned strategically so that it supports the corporate objectives.

We establish a strategic communication, organize the communications mix and measure the success of your communication measures.

Communications planning and communications controlling

Communications agency for the planning the communications mix of companies.

Strategic communications planning for B2B and B2C companies
Our communications consulting develops the communications planning, organizes communication measures and measures the success of single communication measures or entire communication campaigns together with the companies.

Successful communication measures by marketing controlling
Our communications advisors determine the communicative goals, target groups, messages and budgets together with B2C and B2B companies. Our communications agency defines the communicative goals in accordance with the marketing objectives and comprises the marketing strategy and the corporate strategy in this process. In close cooperation with our customers, we design and implement the communication campaigns and single communication measures. Our agency team for marketing controlling ensures that successful communication measures are pushed by means of communications controlling and performance measurement of communication measures.

Advantages of our communications agency:

  • Forming the corporate image by means of successful communication measures
  • Increase on the brand awareness
  • Increase in the leads and the turnovers
  • Efficient communication measures by means of effective marketing controlling
  • Combining communication measures with internet marketing

The services of our communications agency are:

  • Determining communicative goals and target groups
  • Development of communications strategy
  • Media selection and budgeting the communication channels
  • Planning single communication measures
  • Pretesting the communication measures
  • Organizing the communication campaigns and single communication measures
  • Performance measurement of the communication measures
  • Integrating the communication measures into the corporate strategy, the marketing strategy and the marketing mix
  • Comprising the internet marketing in the communications mix

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