Web sites create trust and are an important decisive factor for business deals by now.

Thus, we work on your web site integrally: internet strategy, conception, design, programming and internet marketing.

Web sites, web portals, corporate blogs – consulting, design, implementation of professional corporate web sites

Communications agency for integrated web site designs of corporate web sites

Corporate web site creation for professional marketing communications on the internet
Our integrated communications agency and web design agency advises companies in their internet strategy, creates web designs and implements professional corporate web sites for the marketing and the communications in the B2B and B2C marketing of companies. Appealing design, target group-oriented communication, search engine optimized corporate web sites and modern features - such as Facebook pages, corporate blogs, wikis, integration of social networks, company-own Facebook pages – are only some important aspects that are considered by our communications agency in advising and implementing corporate web sites and integrating them into the marketing strategy.

Communications strategies, web concepts, web design and internet marketing for corporate web sites
The web sites of companies and products are often sales relevant today and signalize trust in companies, brands or products to the business partners or buyers. The employees from the areas communications, corporate design, web design, web programming and internet marketing create integrated corporate web sites, product web sites, landing pages, career web sites, portals and online shops for you which build up trust and generate emotionality by means of a high-quality design, which retain customers by means of target group-oriented sales approach and modern web 2.0 features and additionally acquire new customers by means of effective internet marketing.

Your advantages with our web concepts for corporate web sites:

  • High-quality design for building up trust
  • Emotionality by means of sales approach
  • Activation and customer loyalty by means of modern web 2.0 features
  • Increase in enquiries / leads and sales
  • Increase in the corporate image
  • Increase in the brand awareness

The full service of our marketing and communications agency is:

  • Consulting and web site conception
  • Corporate design for the web site and other digital media
  • Web design and screen design
  • Search engine optimized web programming of the web site
  • Usability optimization and handicapped accessible web sites
  • Creation and optimization of the web site texts
  • Continuous web site compilation
  • Integration of modern features, such as print-optimized design, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, social network features (Facebook, Twitter, XING,)
  • Integration of business processes (with customers, partners and employees) into the web site
  • Selection and implementation of a web content management system (CMS)
  • Configuration and integration of web shops, e-payment systems and e-commerce systems
  • Integration of the internet marketing communication into the marketing strategy
  • Creation of an internet marketing strategy and planning of the internet marketing mix
  • Ranking optimization for search engines
  • Internet marketing and advertising campaigns for the web site by means of online marketing actions such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing, newsletter marketing, online PR, behavioral targeting, Facebook and Twitter marketing and online video marketing.

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