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We create a high-quality communication design in order to differentiate your company and your solutions in competition.

Corporate Design for competitive differentiation and as visual value driver

Corporate design agency for companies

Corporate design strengthens the competitive advantages
Our corporate design agency supports B2B and B2C companies in developing and changing their corporate design. The objective of the corporate design is to design a company in the scope of the communicative goals visually explicitly perceptible, to ensure its recognition, to differentiate it from other companies and to create new values for the company.

Advantages by corporate design:

  • Increase in the recognition and the brand image
  • Stronger differentiation in the competition
  • Creation of a different willingness to pay by superior designs
  • Design as competitive factor and sales relevant factor
  • Emphasizing product surpluses by means of design
  • Communicating quality and reliability

Our corporate design agency and advertising agency supports companies by:

  • Consulting and designing a consistent corporate design
  • Selecting symbols, fonts and colors
  • Developing a logo
  • Further developing an existent corporate design
  • Creating guidelines for corporate design and corporate identity (brand book, corporate design guide).
  • Integrating the corporate design into the marketing strategy
  • Translating the corporate design into all corporate media such as web sites, web portals, online shops, brochures, customer magazines, flyers, internet marketing and so on
  • Implementing corporate design templates in content management systems (CMS) and corporate software (ERP)

Corporate design for differentiation in the markets
Corporate design might be the decisive competitive advantage to score in contrast to the competitors, especially in markets in which the performance of products is very similar and thus the price war is very hard. When consumers can hardly distinguish the single products, the design exudes an additional quality and sell signal and is able to communicate further advantages to the consumers by means of additional better usability.

Company-wide implementation of corporate design
Corporate design is a very important part of three subareas of the corporate identity in this. Corporate design is the visual, sensuous, creative and perceptible part. Basic elements of the corporate design are figures, symbols, fonts, colors, layout grids and styles of speech which are documented in a corporate guideline and translated into all media of the company. As part of the corporate identity, the corporate design is, next to the corporate behavior and corporate communications, responsible for the perception of the company at the market.

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