You will not get corporate communications as an uniform greeting of your callers from us.

We perceive corporate communications as continuous and authentic communication of the corporate values and the corporate objectives.

Corporate Communications as communication value driver

Corporate communications agency for the internal and external corporate communications

Corporate communications for the communication of corporate objectives and values
Our corporate communications agency supports companies in developing and changing their corporate communications. The objective of corporate communications (CC) is communicating the corporate objectives and corporate values by means of messages inwards and outwards. Among the communication of the corporate philosophy and the internal corporate communications, publicity, advertising and public relations are especially important externally.

Advantages by corporate communications:

  • Determined impression of the corporate image
  • Increased company awareness at the market
  • Creation of a positive corporate image and brand image
  • Communication of quality and reliability
  • Increase in the staff motivation and company loyalty

Our corporate communications consulting supports companies by:

  • Analyzing the corporate communications
  • Developing strategies and concepts for the corporate communications
  • Implementing the communications management and operational corporate communications actions
  • Evaluating & optimizing the corporate communications
  • Determined corporate communications for
    • Image communication
    • Internal communications and employee communication
    • Crisis communication
    • Change communication
  • Integrating the corporate communications into the marketing strategy
  • Translating the corporate communications to all corporate media such as web sites, web portals, online shops, brochures, customer magazines, flyers, internet marketing and so on

Forming the corporate image by corporate communications
Our corporate communications consulting advises companies, develops strategies and manages corporate communications actions so that the image and the appearance of the company are formed internally and externally. By means of corporate communications, a consistent image can be communicated to different target groups such as companies, employees, media, customers, suppliers, partners and investors and the image related can be strengthened. As part of the corporate identity, corporate communications is, next to corporate behavior and corporate design, responsible for the perception of the company at the market. With targeted corporate communications, companies can form the corporate image continuously instead of leaving it to chance.

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