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Marketing strategy consulting: Strategic marketing

From competitive advantages to values

Strategic marketing for implementing competitive advantages

Our marketing strategy consulting begins right at the corporate strategy. Using the corporate strategy as origin, we define the strategic business areas of the company together with our customers in the marketing strategy consulting and formulate marketing strategies for the particular strategic business areas of the company. The aim of the marketing strategy consulting is to create competitive advantages in the particular strategic business areas together with our customers and to implement these compared to the competitors at the market.

In our marketing strategy consulting, the identification, implementation and the management of sustainable competitive advantages are in the focus of the strategic marketing.

Marketing strategy consulting as origin for a successful marketing mix

Marketing actions will not have the desired effects when the marketing strategy is not coherent. In the marketing strategy consulting, we therefore develop individual competitive strategies, market strategies and customer strategies for each particular strategic business area so that the products and services of our customers have a comparative customer advantage. This means that the services on the one hand have unique selling propositions (USP) and on the other hand are a cost-benefit advantage compared to the competitors that is also perceived like that by the customer.

Not before our customers made the marketing decisions on the business area strategies, e.g. competitive strategies, market field strategies, market coverage strategies, and the market participant strategies, e.g. market development strategies and customer strategies, we begin within the marketing strategy consulting with planning the operative marketing instruments like e-marketing or public relations within the communications and sales mix.

Marketing strategy consulting for market oriented corporate management
Variable corporate situations require new or changed marketing strategies. Our marketing strategy consulting supports in the various issues, amongst others in:

  • Developing a corporate strategy and a marketing strategy
  • Establishing and managing brands
  • Introducing new products and services to the market
  • Growth strategies
  • Changing strategic business areas
  • Communication strategies and sales strategies
  • E-marketing strategies

Marketing strategies require marketing controlling

Everything that is planned and implemented has to be measured, too. In order to be sustainably successful, the measures resulting from the marketing strategy have to make a positive profit contribution and create values for the company. Our marketing strategy consulting therefore uses instruments of marketing controlling selected together with our customers to measure the marketing results.

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