With us, communication is strategically planned, creatively implemented and economically measurable.

Corporate identity, communication concepts, communications planning, web sites, print media, corporate PR, communications controlling.

Communications consulting – advertising agency – corporate agency

Communications agency for strategic and creative communication

Sustainable communications strategies, creative concepts and high-quality design
Our integrated communications consultancy and advertising agency advises, designs and implements strategy and creative communication for companies (B2B, B2C), brands, products and organizations.

Strategic communications – sustainable, entrepreneurial and value-cumulative corporate strategies
Our communications consultancy develops communications strategies, which support the objectives of the corporate strategy sustainably, and integrate the strategic communications into the marketing strategy with the objective of increasing the values of companies. Our communications agency assumes the development of corporate strategies (corporate identity with corporate communications, corporate design and corporate behavior) and communications concepts, the communications planning and communications measures to the operational implementation into communications campaigns.

Creative communications – implementing corporate strategies with emotional advertising
Our communications agency creates communications solutions as well as activating and emotional communications measures, which strengthen the competitive advantages of our customers measurably. Our advertising agency designs the appropriate communication matched with your messages, communication channels and media. We create and interconnect communications solutions for online media – such as web sites, web 2.0, RSS feeds, corporate blogs, wikis, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, XING) – and classical print media – such as customer magazines or image brochures.

Our communications consultancy and advertising agency achieves the following objectives with you:

  • Development of a corporate strategy
  • Sustainable strategic communications
  • Creative communications measures
  • Measurable communicational relations
  • Strengthening of the brand development, the brand management and the image
  • Increase in leads and turnovers

The services of our strategic communications consultancy and creative advertising agency are:

  • Communications strategy
    Consulting and development of communications strategies, communications concepts. Integration of the communications strategy into the corporate marketing.
  • Communications planning
    Conception of the communications mix for companies. Planning and implementation of the communications and advertising campaigns, performance measurement and controlling of communications campaigns.
  • Corporate strategy
    Consulting and development of a sustainable corporate strategy (corporate identity with corporate communications, corporate design, corporate behavior).
  • Web sites, web portals and landing pages
    Conception and full service implementation of online media from corporate design, web design and web programming to internet marketing optimized web sites, web portals and landing pages. Integration of content management systems (CMS) and online shops into web sites, web 2.0 functions such as RSS feeds, corporate blogs, wikis, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, XING) and internet marketing (search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)).
  • Corporate publishing and print media
    Conception and design of classical print media such as customer magazines, flyers and brochures.
  • Public relations & online PR
    Consulting, conception and implementation of public relations and online PR for companies, brands, products and organizations. Writing press releases, dispatch of press releases via classical channels and online press portals, social media releases for social networks, press clipping and performance measurement of public relations.

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