Where is your competitor currently opening a new office? Which new technologies does he use? Where are new business markets for my products?

We continuously observe relevant markets, the competitors and additionally inform you in time.

Market observation, competitive intelligence, competitor monitoring

Transforming information advantages into competitive advantages precociously

Using market observation and competitive intelligence to always have an eye on competitors
Market observation and competitive intelligence make sense subsequent to a market analysis and a competitive analysis. Market observation and competitive intelligence continuously extend the analysis with new market information. Market observations and competitive intelligence also serve to support the strategy department, marketing department or the management continuously in the strategic corporate planning by providing current information without a previous market analysis or competitive analysis.

Gaining information advantages by continuous competitive intelligence
For staying competitive, it is necessary to observe the markets continuously and to make a consecutive market observation and competitive intelligence. The intention of our marketing research is to provide our customer precociously strategic and operative information advantages, which can be transformed into market advantages, by means of a systematic market observation.

Our marketing research offers the following services regarding market observation and competitive intelligence:

  • Information search and information selection according to the information profile
    Market observation or information search – in general or issue-related – on markets, industries, competitors, business areas, products, services, prices, business models, technologies, regions, trends and market surveys.
  • Information evaluation and individual information representation
    Our customers receive the information from the market observation and competitive intelligence on demand, either as originals or already pre-evaluated and selected according to their information objectives. The information can be provided immediately on secure extranet portals, per newsletter or immediately in the customer relationship management (CRM) of the customer.

Fine adjustment for the market observation by an individual information profile
Our marketing research compiles an individual information profile together with our customers, which contains the information on the information objectives, sources, markets, industries, competitors, business areas, products, services, business models, technologies, regions, trends, market surveys and the depth of research of the customer. Based on this information profile, information is gathered and selected every day for our customers.

Daily market observation in order to react quickly in competition
We us public and secure information sources from the internet, from data bases, from company information, from the press and from personal contacts to gather the information. After that, the information is analyzed and processed applying different methods according to the customer’s wishes. Via a secured extranet or an e-mail newsletter, the customer is provided regularly – daily – provided with original information or already evaluated information. Thus, the information can be used for the corporate strategy and the short-term management with little effort.

Advantages of our market observation and competitive intelligence:

  • • Our know-how in gathering, choosing, processing and evaluating relevant information sources.
  • You will get exactly the information you need.
  • The information is daily, prompt, clearly arranged and anytime available.
  • Reduction to the essentials.
  • Increasing efficiency by avoiding multiple searches.
  • Reduction of insecurities.
  • Time saving and cost saving
  • Premature information advantages can be used for changing the competitive strategy in the changing market structures and be transformed into strategic competitive advantages.

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