Different company stages require an individual financial management.

We develop finance strategies either continuously or situationally and implement it with you.

Financial Management & Corporate Financing

Management consultancy for the corporate finance in medium-sized businesses

Strategies and attendance in the financing of medium-sized businesses
Our management consultancy for corporate finance in medium-sized businesses advises and develops strategies and concepts for the financial management and the corporate financing of small and medium-sized businesses. We advise you on methods of corporate financing in different company stages, develop finance strategies, finance plans and business plans in consideration of the corporate strategy and marketing strategy of your company. We provide investment appraisals and the capital financing accountings for investment projects in order to check the cost effectiveness and the financial viability and work together with you on your value management, risk controlling or the upcoming corporate rating.

Our corporate finance consultants are specialized in the following financing topics:

  • Corporate financing, finance strategy and finance plan
    Consulting on the options of corporate financing in different periods of life, financial planning & finance strategy, treasury management, cash management and liquidity management.
  • Business plan & finance plan
    Designing, providing, optimizing and controlling business plans and finance plans for medium-sized businesses, SMB and start-ups
  • Capital financing accounting and investment appraisal
    Implementing capital financing accountings and investment appraisals for investment projects and values.
  • Value and risk management
    Consulting, introduction and optimization of the value management, risk management and risk controlling.
  • Corporate rating & Basel II and III
    Consulting and attending ratings in medium-sized businesses and implementing self-ratings.

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