Only if you know values and risks, you will be able to work on them.

Thus, we start with identifying values and risks in the value and risk management in order to make them controllable in processes.

Value Management & Risk Management in Medium-sized Businesses

Management consultancy for a value-based corporate management

Create values – minimize risks
The corporate finance team of our management consultancy supports medium-sized businesses in creating a value-based corporate management by means of a clearly communicated value management and risk management which involves the employees and business processes. Together with our customers, we develop the strategic and operational objectives of their value-based corporate management, picture them via a balanced scorecard and visualize them in strategy maps. With the help of quantitative and qualitative operating figures, we measure the degree of target achievement in order to control and optimize the process of value orientation.

Our corporate finance consultants for medium-sized businesses provide the following value and risk management services:

  • Consulting in the value and risk management
  • Identification of value drivers and cost drivers in the company
  • Communication measures of the value management in the company
  • Conveying the value orientation to all business units
  • Selection of financial ratios and control quantities
  • Development and selection of instruments for the value-based corporate management
  • Identification of capital cost
  • Integrating the value-based corporate management into the corporate strategy, marketing strategy and the business process management
  • Introduction of value-based management systems, incentive systems and guidance systems
  • Consulting, introducing and establishing a risk management system for picturing
    • single risks such as market price risks, reliability risks, liquidity risks and operational risks and the
    • overall risk position of the company

Identifying value drivers and cost drivers
We identify the value and cost drivers of a company by pointing the effect of single dealings on the operating results out. We differentiate the result oriented contributions of dealings according to products, product groups, customer, customer groups, sales channels and sales regions.

Risk management as part of the value management
In order to control the value creation and thus the sustainability of a company, value-based action, both on the strategic and the operational enterprise level, is necessary. This also includes dealing with risks that might threaten the values. Thus, the risk management is a fundamental part of the value-based corporate management in order to identify, analyze, manage and control risks. We defend the company values of our company from beating risks by establishing a company-wide risk management for managing single risks such as market price risks, reliability risks, liquidity risks and operational risks and the overall rusk position. We perceive risk management as a continuous process in order to secure the equity of our customers; and thus we perceive it as part of the value management.

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