Guaranteeing the future of a company requires the continuous value orientation of all employees.

We support companies in growing sustainably and value-basedly by means of analyses, valuations and company attendance.

Business Analysis – Business Valuation – Corporate Management

Value-based consulting for medium-sized businesses

Analyze, manage and valuate companies
Our management consultancy supports medium-sized businesses in the business analysis, financial analysis, business valuation, Due Diligence and in the value-based corporate management by means of business competences. We make business analyses in order to realize new cirpirate strategies with the company or point potentials out to investors. We attend the introduction of balanced scorecards and strategy maps and thus work on a value-based management with our customers from medium-sized businesses. We give medium-sized businesses more certainty for the buying and selling of shares of the company.

Our corporate finance consultants are specialized in the following topics:

  • Business analysis
    Making business analyses for entrepreneurs, management and investors in medium-sized businesses
  • Business valuation & Due Diligence
    Consulting and implementation of business valuations when selling or buying companies, shares of a company, holdings, mergers, buy-outs, start-ups and joint ventures
  • Value-based management & administration
    Consulting, development and strategy attendance with balanced scorecards & strategy maps

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