Corporate sales, mergers, holdings or investments are entrepreneurial decisions.

We are not able to eliminate the business risk, but we can make it controllable with our thorough valuations.

Management Consulting for Business Valuation in Medium-sized Businesses

More security for your business transactions

Identification of company values in medium-sized businesses
Our management consulting business valuation supports entrepreneurs, managers and investors with business valuations in medium-sized businesses. We identify the values of entire companies, parts of the company, joint ventures or single investment projects. Business valuations become necessary in different periods of life of a company in order to make decisions regarding future investments based on a business valuation and thus realize appreciations sustainably.

Business valuations in different business stages
Our corporate finance consulting provides clients from medium-sized businesses in different business stages with neutral business valuations for selling or buying a company, parts of a company, shares, mergers, buy-outs, start-ups and joint ventures. Sellers and buyers of company values often have different price expectations. Our independent business valuation will provide more clarity here.

Our corporate finance team provides the following services regarding business valuations:

  • Consulting regarding business valuations for selling and buying companies, parts of companies, shares, mergers, buy-outs, start-ups and joint ventures
  • Implementing business valuations according to approved methods of science and practice:
    income approach, discounted cash flow approach, capital market approach and real option valuation approach
  • Implementing target-oriented due diligence surveys for business transactions
  • Secondary surveys of a business valuation

Factors and methods of business valuations in medium-sized businesses
A business valuation is a very complex process since the company value depends in many factors of value. In consideration of fiscal, sectoral and market-specific aspects as well as those under company law and the strategic company planning and deploying scientific methods of business valuation such as income approach, discounted cash flow approach, capital market approach and real option valuation approach, we put the company value as well as opportunities and risks of transactions for your investments out. The deployment of different methods of business valuation increases the security when identifying the real company value for seller and buyer.

Increasing the security of business transactions with due diligence surveys
Due diligence surveys conduct a very exact revision of companies by means of different partial examinations. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of a business transaction are checked keenly beyond the financial layer in every subarea by due diligence surveys. Partial disciplines of a due diligence practice may be: strategic due diligence, financial due diligence, commercial due diligence, tax due diligence, legal due diligence, market due diligence, humans resources (HR) and organizational due diligence, cultural due diligence, technical due diligence, environmental due diligence and IT due diligence.

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