There is no need to convince you of your idea and your business ventures.

But potential investors and creditors have to be convinced. Therefore, we develop a convincing business plan from your business idea.

Business Plan – Finance Plan – Corporate Concept

Management consulting for start-ups and medium-sized businesses

Business plan & finance plan – consulting, creation, survey and optimization
We consult, create, survey and optimize the business plan and finance plan for start-ups and medium-sized businesses. A business plan on the hand describes the business concept and the related objectives and strategies and on the other hand, the business plan communicates the business idea of the company to investors and third parties and demonstrates how and with which return (ROI) the invested capital will be recovered. Our management consultants for strategy and financial planning support start-ups and medium-sized businesses in creating a business plan and finance plan and attend them in all business phases, from the presentation and communication at venture capitalists (VCs) and business angels to the successful realization of the idea.

Business plans for start-ups and medium-sized businesses
The business plan is both for founders of new business who want to found a new company and for existent medium-sized businesses which want to chance greatly (amongst others changes in the business portfolio, entry into new business areas or markets) a very important instrument for the corporate management. A business plan supports entrepreneurs in describing ideas, determining and controlling objectives and strategies and communicating them to employees and investors.

Your advantages from our business plan consulting:

  • Consulting and attendance through strategy and finance experts for business plans.
  • Better presentation and better chances of success in acquiring venturers (such as venture capitalists (VCs) and business angels).
  • Faster and safer business start because of professional attendance
  • Critical discussions with the founders of companies
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge on subsidies
  • Additional services for start-ups with marketing consulting, outsourcing of the accounting and IT outsourcing

Our management consultants for strategy and financial planning support entrepreneurs with the business plan by:

  • Consulting, creating, surveying and optimizing business plans.
  • Creating business plan presentations
  • Attending the presentation of business plans at banks, subsidy institutions, venturers such as venture capitalists (VCs), business angels and other co-operation partners.
  • Subsidy consulting for start-ups
  • Implementing start-up consulting activities
  • Neutrally assessing and surveying existent business plans
  • Integrating a business plan into the existent corporate strategy and financial planning in medium-sized businesses which already operating in the market.

The structure of a business plan
A business plan as regards the content is structured as follows in each business.

  1. Executive summary / summary
  2. Business idea (description of the idea, unique selling points, competitive advantages)
  3. Company and founder(s)
  4. Products and services
  5. Market and competition (market assessment, customers, competitors, location)
  6. Marketing (business model, advantages, product, price, sales, communication)
  7. Company organization (legal form, employees)
  8. Opportunity and risk analysis
  9. Financing and finance plan
    1. Capital requirements plan and investment needs
    2. Sales plan
    3. Profitability plan
    4. Cash budget
  10. Exit strategy
  11. Appendix (glossary, research material, studies and curricula vitae of the founders)

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