Too few information about the future liquidity, profitability or financial resources in the company.

We develop individual finance strategies in order to secure the financing by means of liquidity management and profitability control.

Finance Strategies and Financial Planning

Management consulting regarding the corporate financing in medium-sized businesses

Corporate financing with finance strategies and financial planning
As a specialized management consultancy for corporate financing in medium-sized businesses we advise small and medium-sized businesses in the corporate financing, develop finance strategies and implement the financial planning for each phase of life of a company. Our consulting and services regarding the corporate financing in medium-sized businesses focuses on the fund-raising, liquidity protection and the profitability control.

Our financial advice services for medium-sized business include:

  • Consulting regarding the corporate financing in different life stages of the company
  • Finding the optimal financing form for the company
  • Creating finance strategies and implementing the financial planning
  • Realization of partial financial plans for single departments (purchasing department, production, sales department, research)
  • Making cash flow analyses and introduction cash flow calculations
  • Establishing a treasury, cash, value and liquidity management
  • Establishing the financial communication
  • Providing the finance presentation
  • Attending the finance presentation at banks or other capital providers
  • Support in the fund-raising
  • Optimizing the capital appropriation and the dunning process
  • Providing business plans
  • Financial advice for start-ups and turnarounds

Your advantages from our corporate financing consulting:

  • Independent consulting regarding the corporate financing and the finance management
  • Improvement of the liquidity situation
  • Increasing the available cash flow
  • Increasing the profitability
  • Additional services: strategy consulting, marketing consulting and IT strategy consulting

Corporate financing for each life stage of the company
Each company runs through different periods of life – similar to humans – from the founding to the growth phase to the company’s succession. These company stages are characterized by different financing options for the implementation of objectives and ideas. Companies cannot choose freely from all financing options anytime. The options of corporate financing change continuously, on the one hand because of changes in the profit situation, the financial situation, the net asset position, the form of organization, the capitalization and the growth of the own company and on the other hand because of changes in the external basic conditions through market and state.

Independent consulting and active attendance in the corporate financing
We advise our customers in every period of life of their companies regarding the different financing options. We point the opportunities and risks of single equity- or debt-oriented financial instruments out for upcoming financial decisions. We attend our customers by a neutral consulting and the active creation of their corporate product and project financing. We are the contact persons for our customers when it comes to the creation of credit talks with their bank, the controlling of return requirement by business angels, the identification of business values in the context of M&A and buy-puts, the preparation for rating in the course of Basel II, financing with mezzanine capital or project financing. Even in difficult times, when companies got into an economic crisis, we advise our customers on the options of a turnaround financing and will take over active management services if necessary.

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