Profit analysis of upcoming investments or outlook regarding the future cash-flow?

We attend companies beyond the calculation of investment plans and cash-flow plans through future scenarios.

Investment Appraisal and Financial Planning in Medium-sized Businesses

Financial advising and calculation of investments

Investment planning, investment control and financing
As a management consultancy, we support small and medium-sized businesses beyond the consulting regarding the corporate financing, finance strategy and creation of a business plan and finance plan with the operational calculation of investment projects, making investment appraisals and financial planning. Our team “corporate finance for medium-sized businesses” makes detailed analyses of profitability and liquidity of investments so that your investments will really gain the desired profitability – both for financiers and outside creditors – and the financing is always guaranteed for the entire investment term. We calculate single investments up to bigger investment projects for you, represent different investment scenarios and integrate the investments into you liquidity management and cash flow management.

Our corporate finance consultants are specialized in calculation of investments and capital finance accounts:

  • Calculation of investments from small to big investment projects
    Net present value calculation, cost comparison method, profit comparison method, profitability account, calculation of the payback period of investments, establishing different scenarios of the investment developing. Neutral assessment and secondary calculation of upcoming investment decisions and survey of business plans.
  • Financial planning of investments
    Consulting, selection of financing forms (self-financing, outside financing, internal financing and external financing) for investments, development of different financing scenarios, interview preparation and attendance at investors and banks as well as implementation of business financing measures.
  • Making financial analyses and establishing a business financial management
    Analyses of profitability and liquidity, cash flow statements, implementation of business-related finance ratio systems, integrating the financial planning into the corporate strategy and technical implementation of the calculations into the IT strategy.

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