Management Consulting for company phases in the company life cycle.

Facing challenges in the company together and safely.

Management Consulting for Company Phases

Consulting for Medium-Sized Business, Interim Management, Startup and Turnaround

Management Consulting in Different Phases of the Company
Startup, growth, recapitalization and reorganization are special phases in the life of a company. Special challenges come up especially in these phases of the company life cycle. Our management consultancy supports companies in these important company phases such as the inception and growth phase, opening new markets or organizing new business areas to selling the company. Our management consultants support you with the following specialized managing consulting or management services:

  • Consulting for medium-sized businesses in order to strengthen growth and competitiveness
  • Recapitalization consulting
  • Turnaround consulting
  • Crisis management
  • Expansion and growth consulting
  • Interim manager - temporary managers in the company
  • Startup and founding consulting
  • Founder coaching

Consulting for Medium-Sized Businesses in Order to Strengthen the Competitiveness
Our consulting for medium-sized businesses aims at supporting medium-sized businesses in strengthening their competitive advantages, growing and increasing the values. Especially for medium-sized businesses, it is very important that the companies continuously attend to their corporate strategy, the business development and the changing general conditions at the market. Our consulting covers corporate strategy, business development, innovation management, marketing strategy, business process management, IT strategy, internet marketing and internet strategy.

Interim Manager - Temporary Managers in Your Company
Interim managers are managers which temporarily support companies in important phases of the company. Our interim manager management consultancy stand by medium-sized businesses and bigger businesses as well during all company phases from growth to projects and reorganization to selling the company with one of our interim managers. Our customers thus benefit from our know-how, our flexibility, quick cost cutting effects, a low risk, a direct performance measurement and the payment per working day without employee benefit costs.

Start-up Consulting and Founder Coaching
Our founder consulting supports company founders in founding their companies by means of founder consulting, founder coaching, attending different founding phases and measures of strengthening founded company. The start-ups benefit from out integration of the core competencies from the areas strategy, marketing, finance and IT. We especially support founders in checking the business idea, developing a corporate concept and the business plan, organizing the marketing strategy, the finance planning and the market entry strategy, checking existent business plans and by means of fund consulting, application for funds and founder subsidies.