If it is about growth, opening up of new markets, developing new business areas, restructuring, crisis Management, turnaround or just staff shortages

our interim managers support you as specialists in all phases of the company.

Interim Manager - Temporary Manager for the Management and Executive Staff

Specialized interim managers for changes in the company

Interim managers are temporary managers who support companies in important stages. Our interim manager management consultancy supports medium-sized businesses as well as larger companies by appointing our interim managers in every phase of the company - e. g. growth, expansion, opening up of new markets, organization of new business areas, reorganization, recapitalization, turnaround, critical situations, purchasing or selling a company, post-merger integration and foundation, optimization of business processes or simply in case of a staff shortage.

Our interim managers support our customers in the business management, in leading business units and departments and in solving particular problems. Furthermore, we are the contact person not only for the business management, but especially for the executive staff and support them as specialized interim managers in the segments strategy, business development, marketing, sales, communications, finances, controlling, accounting and IT.

Your advantages from appointing our interim managers in your company:

  • Operative appointment of highly-motivated, flexible and experienced managers
  • Great know-how combined with a hands-on mentality
  • Quick identification and solution of problems
  • Analysis, planning and implementation by an interim management specialist
  • No “organizational blindness” - quick implementation of new concepts and methods without influence from past experiences
  • Quick disposal of motivation, performance improvement and know-how transfer
  • Short-term and flexible availability - no time consuming and expensive hiring procedure as there would be with a permanent employment
  • Quick cost cutting effects
  • Direct performance measurement within a firm time frame and firm budget limits
  • Low risk because of calculable costs and a temporary appointment
  • Payment only per working day without employee benefit costs
  • In case of disagreeable decisions and measures, the interim manager will deal with them rather than the existent management team. Thus, the management can go on operating without burdens of the past after the resignation of the interim manager.

Our interim management services:
  • Management and management guidance in exceptional phases of the company: growth, expansion, opening up new of new markets, organization of new business areas, reorganization, recapitalization, turnaround, critical situations, buying or selling a company, post-merger integration and foundation.•    Optimization of business processes: general optimization of business processes, optimization of purchase processes, selling processes or production processes and increase of the profitability.
  • Staff vacancies: Bypassing vacancies, replenishing the know-how or strengthen the resources in functions such as strategy, business development, finances, marketing and sales by means of a temporary interim manager or an interim manager who will stay in the company for longer periods.
  • IT project management: independent management of IT projects and implementation of reporting systems.
  • Coaching: Supervision of business successions or support of executive staff in critical situations “on the job”.
  • International tasks: Installation of foreign subsidiaries or realization of growth target.