Perfect individual performances do not suffice for the sustainable success.

Therefore, we combine your corporate strategy, marketing actions, business models or IT strategy to from strong team players.

Middle-class Consulting – Business Check-Up for Medium-sized businesses

Management consultancy for medium-sized businesses to improve competitiveness

Middle-class consulting for competitive advantages and growth
Our middle-class consultancy advises small and medium-sized businesses in order to improve competitive advantages, generate growth and increase values. Medium-sized businesses which want to survive in competition today and tomorrow have to increase their competitive advantages sustainable and deal with their corporate strategy, the business development and the ongoing changes in the social, technological and financial general conditions in the market.

Our middle-class strategy consulting supports medium-sized businesses with the following business check-up program:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Business development / innovation management
  • Marketing strategy, business models and competitive positioning
  • Business process management and IT strategy
  • Internet strategy and internet marketing
  • further areas on request.

Our services are supported with up to >50 % of the consulting assignment by support programs and consulting programs. We will gladly support you in the application and the implementation.

Implement chances for the future prematurely with new strategies
Today’s success does not guarantee success in the future. Companies should continuously work on their competitive advantages and thus particularly on their services and their efficiency in order to secure their position as market drivers instead of becoming driven by competitors and consumers. Thus, we offer a comprehensive business check-up with subsequent strategy implementing monitoring to medium-sized businesses in order to develop chances for the future and support sustainable growth in the company.

Team players by your side
Our strategy consulting and implementers offer medium-sized businesses the chance to analyze their company elaborately with regard to competitiveness, growth and potential problem areas such as marketing, business models, business processes, IT and strategic positioning, to develop strategies and to implement them with our program business check-up for medium-sized businesses. You will not just get a strategy concept in writing, but concrete and informed recommendations regarding actions which we will implement with you in a team.