Concepts and strategies require a fast implementation.

We implement convincing concepts into good organization & processes together with you.

Organisation, Process & Operations Consulting

Organisation Consultants & Process Consultants

Strategy as Starting Point for Organisation, Processes and Operations
The business processes of a company are supposed to support the corporate strategy and the realization of the business models of the company. Therefore, our strategy consultancy for organization, processes and operations starts with the corporate strategy when analyzing the business processes, e-business strategy, IT strategy and innovation strategy.

Organisation Consultants & Process Optimizer
Our strategy consultants for organization, processes & operations are especially specialized in:

  • Organisation and processes
  • E-business strategy
  • IT strategy
  • Innovations & technologies

Business Process Management Consulting & Process Optimization
Sophisticated strategies requite good business processes for implementing the business objectives and strategies. Our management consulting therefore deduces the business processes from the corporate strategy. Here we review the business processes which are important for the success of business model and strategy. We redesign processes or optimize existent processes together with our customers. Business process management is not just a cost cutting program, but influences all competitive factors.

E-Business Strategy as Part of the Corporate Strategy
In an increasingly digitized economy e-business plays an important role in the business process management, in purchase transactions or in the delivery process. Our IT strategy consulting reorganizes your process of production, the customer communication and the shopping experience by means of e-business strategies together with you.

Profit Contribution Oriented IT Strategies
The IT has to contribute to the business success and may not be just a cost cutting factor. Our IT consultants support our customers in developing an IT strategy deduced from the corporate strategy, which focuses on achieving the business objectives. Together with you, we define the weighting between aims such as reducing the costs by means of IT, business process optimization and organization optimization by means of IT, create overvalues as well as redesigning products and services by means of digitization.

Market success with Innovations
Ideas, product development or inventions do not suffice for being successful at the market. For a permanent success at the market, technological advantages and inventions need to be implemented into competitive advantages which are realized at the market. Our strategy consultancy supports customers in the innovation management. Together with our customers we work on implementing ideas into innovations.