Business process optimization does not only decrease your costs.

We also open doors for new business models, revenues and values by means of business process management.

Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Optimization & Operations

Strategy consulting for managing business processes and organizational operations in medium sized businesses

Business process management and business process optimization as essential component of strategy
The organization of business processes shall support the corporate strategy and the implementation of the corporate business models. Our strategy consulting regarding business process management and business process optimization therefore begins with the corporate strategy and the business development when analyzing business processes. The requirements for business process management deduct from the corporate objectives and corporate strategies. Our management consultancy quantifies how important each business process is for the success of the business model and the strategy. Based on the results, we reform business processes or optimize the existing business processes together with our customers.

Business process management and business process optimization increase revenues
Business process management is often described as just a cost cutting program. This approach does not cover it. Business process management influences all competitive factors. Business process optimizations cannot only cut costs, but also increase sales because of considerable time and quality advantages as well as customer ties at the market. The aim of business process management is to improve the value creation chain of a company regarding quality, time, costs and customer satisfaction.

Using process optimization as a chance for reforming inefficient processes
We analyze our customers’ business processes to implement competitive advantages sustainably by optimizing existing business processes, reform old business processes or forming entirely new processes. In many companies, inefficient business processes keep not implemented gains. The task of our strategy consulting is making these inefficiencies visible and reforming these processes in favor of our customers. By consistently orienting the business processes towards the corporate target groups and thus fulfilling the customers’ needs we improve our customers’ value creation chain and make room for customer oriented innovations.

Strategy consulting for connecting the IT strategy and the e-business strategy to the business process management
The IT strategy and the e-business strategy have to be closely connected to the business process management nowadays, because on the one hand the correct use of IT and e-business can increase the efficiency of a company and on the other hand new products and services can develop by combining existing solutions with IT and e-business. Our strategy consulting supports our customers in achieving a higher performance on their IT expenses and orients the IT processes towards the strategy and the business models of a company and not the strategy towards the technology. Our focus is on measurable success criteria and an appropriate cost-benefit ratio in accompanying the changes in the business process management with IT and e-business.