Your ideas are the basis for new products.

But only if you enforce them at the market, they will be successful innovation.

We work with you on the market success.

Innovation strategy and technology strategy

Strategy consulting for innovation management and technology management

Using innovation strategies to achieve competitive advantages in medium-sized companies
A company needs at least one competitive advantage – cost advantage, quality advantage or time advantage – to be able to survive at the market permanently. With innovation strategies and a good innovation management, companies can specifically work on implementing their ideas into innovations. Our strategy consulting supports companies in implementing their innovation strategies and the innovation management in order to create innovation continuously. A good innovation management is tightly linked to the ability to implement competitive advantages. Managing innovation strategies is especially important, because companies without innovations run the risk of being copied by their competitors, only being able to compete in the price competition and thus losing competitive advantages in the medium term.

Innovation strategies for achieving competitive advantages for medium-sized companies
We manage the innovation management and the innovation marketing together with our customers in order to achieve competitive advantages. In the innovation management, we develop aims and strategies together, implement them continuously in the innovation process with our customers and concentrate on the innovation marketing in the entire innovation process. Our focus is mainly on the strategic and economic strategy consulting and supporting the management process of innovation projects:

  • Supporting in managing research portfolios and development portfolios
  • Identifying chances for new products, services and business models
  • Developing new products and services
  • Introducing new products and services into the market

Innovation marketing: Market success by implementing and communicating innovations
A fiction is not automatically an innovation. The technical implementation of a fiction is primarily an invention. Only if the invention is successful at the market, an innovation forms. Implementing innovations in a company is one of the central entrepreneurial tasks for achieving competitive advantages. But a high-performance product is not enough for implementing an innovation. Thus, our strategy consulting for innovations supports our customers in successfully communicating the advantages of inventions at the market and transforming them into market advantages in the innovation marketing.