Founding is one thing, successfully taking off and growing another.

We also are in full swing after your foundation and support you with coaching, accounting, marketing or financial advising.

Business Start-up Consulting & Founder Coaching

Management consulting for founders of new businesses and start-ups

Active consulting and coaching of founders of new businesses
Our management consultancy for founders of new businesses supports young entrepreneurs with a very intense business start-up consulting, founder coaching, attendance in the different start-up phases, professional support services for start-ups and measures for start-up security. In contrast to many other start-up consultancies, with our start-up consultancy you profit from the cooperation with an integrated team from strategy, marketing and finance experts who attend founders of new businesses and many medium-sized businesses economically and thus offer you not only the start-up consulting but also a high potential of active support in the continuous start-up stabilization.

The services of our start-up consultancy for young entrepreneurs are:

  • Business start-up consulting and founder coaching
  • Critical discussion and viability test of your business idea
  • Development of a business concept and a business plan
  • Development of a marketing strategy, financial planning and a marketing entry strategy
  • Neutral evaluation and examination of existent business plans.
  • Fund consulting, application for funds and founder subsidies
  • Creation of business plan presentations
  • Attendance in presenting the business plan at banks, subsidy institutions, Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Business Angels.

Your advantages with our start-up consulting:

  • Start-up consulting and attendance from strategy, marketing and finance experts
  • Safe start with a professional business start-up consulting
  • Critical discussion with founders
  • Founder coaching and attendance in the first months and years of founding
  • Better prospects of success when acquiring venturers (e.g. Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Business Angels).

Additional services for founders of new businesses:

  • Accounting office for sourcing the accounting out
  • Strategy and marketing consultancy
  • Developing communication tools (corporate design, design of logos and flyers, development of web sites)
  • Internet marketing (search engine optimization, advertising in Google)
  • IT outsourcing