Strategies, marketing and other strategic plans are measurable.

We establish your strategic controlling for the corporate strategy, business areas or the expansion into foreign countries.

Strategic Controlling Consulting – Strategic Planning

Management consultancy and services for medium-sized businesses

Strategic controlling strengthens the corporate strategy
Our management consultancy controlling advises medium-sized businesses in introducing and implementing their strategic controlling. On the one hand, strategic controlling shall check the corporate strategy and the strategic marketing regarding the target achievement and on the other hand, the strategic controlling establishes a basis for the strategic corporate planning by means of a competition analysis.

Strategic controlling improves the financial figures prematurely
We support medium-sized businesses in assessing and establishing strategic business areas, identify divergences in the strategic objectives and initiate counteractions by means of strategic controlling before the divergences are reflected in the operational figures. Strategic controlling can improve the company’s livelihood sustainably.

Our services in the strategic controlling for medium-sized businesses include amongst others:

  • Strategic controlling consulting, demand analysis and selection of appropriate controlling instruments
  • Establishing strategic controlling systems and controlling concepts
  • Introduction of strategic controlling instruments:
    • Strategic planning
    • SWOT analysis
    • Gap analysis, scenario analysis, potential analysis
    • Competition analysis
    • Product life cycle analysis and product-market growth matrix
    • Risk matrix
    • Portfolio analysis
    • Market share and market growth analysis
    • Market attractiveness and competitive strengths analysis
    • Balanced scorecard
    • Benchmarking
    • Six Sigma
  • Implementation of business strategic controlling software and ERP systems.

Your advantages from working with our controlling management consultants:

  • Implementation of all strategic controlling tasks
  • External and neutral partner
  • Strategic controller on time – interim controlling
  • Complementing the strategic controlling with operations management and IT controlling
  • Additional services regarding financial management, corporate management and by business analyses
  • Business management consulting regarding corporate strategy, marketing strategy, IT strategy or business software ERP
  • Integrating the strategic controlling into the corporate strategy and the strategic marketing

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