We are no penny pinchers.

But we gladly support you with controlling in order to achieve more transparency in the single financial figures for the economic management of your company.

Operations Management Consulting and Services for SMB

Management consultancy controlling for medium-sized businesses

Increased cost and revenue transparency by means of operations management
We advise small and medium-sized businesses in establishing and integrating controlling systems, controlling concepts and controlling instruments in the company and also take over the current tasks of the corporate controller in SMB, either as external controlling service provider or as interim controller. Controlling instruments that are geared towards your company will increase the transparency of fixed costs, profit and loss account, product revenues or different profit margin so that your economic decision has got a better base.

Our services in the operations management for medium-sized businesses include:

  • Operations management consulting, demand analysis and selection of appropriate controlling instruments
  • Organization of operations management systems and controlling concepts
  • Implementation of controlling instruments and calculations
    • Cost and activity accounting
    • Cost and profit accounting
    • Marginal costing and standard cost accounting
    • Strategic cost accounting & cost management
    • Revenue and success monitoring
    • Multi-level contribution accounting and deviation analysis
    • Target costing
    • activity-based costing
    • Life cycle costing
    • Overhead-value analysis
    • Management of fixed costs
    • Zero-base budgeting
    • Performance test and development of incentive system
    • Personnel controlling
    • Manufacturing program planning
    • Marketing controlling
  • Implementation of business controlling software and ERP systems.

Your advantages from working with our controlling consultants:

  • Implementation of all operations management tasks
  • External and neutral partner
  • Controller on time – interim controlling
  • High flexibility
  • Complementing the operations management with strategic controlling and IT controlling
  • Additional services regarding the financial management, corporate management and by business analyses
  • Business management consulting regarding corporate strategy, marketing strategy, IT strategy or business software ERP

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