The IT has to support your business and contribute to the profit.

We measure the profit contribution of the IT so that you can develop the IT into competitive advantages.

IT Controlling – Strategic and Operational IT Controlling

Link IT strategy and corporate strategy

Measuring the profit contribution of the IT with IT controlling
Out IT management consultancy supports companies in establishing a strategic and operational IT controlling for their company. IT has to support the corporate strategy sustainably and provide a profit contribution to the corporate strategy. With establishing an IT controlling, the profit contribution of the IT to the business objective becomes measurable and losses of efficiency become transparent. We develop your corporate IT to your competitive advantage by means of IT portfolio controlling, IT project controlling, IT product controlling and IT infrastructure and service controlling.

Our IT controlling services include:

  • IT controlling consulting and selection of appropriate IT controlling instruments
  • Establishing strategic and operational IT controlling systems and controlling concepts
  • Introduction of IT controlling instruments:
    • IT portfolio analysis
    • IT balanced scorecard and IT strategy maps
    • IT cost effective analysis
    • IT operating figures
    • Total cost-of-ownership vs. IT-as-a-service (IaaS)
  • Establishing IT controlling reportings

Your advantages from our IT controlling management consultants:

  • Independent and neutral IT controllers
  • Economic and technical IT controlling through an multidisciplinary IT controller team of experts
  • IT controller on time – IT interim controlling
  • Complementing the IT controlling with strategic controlling and operations management
  • Business management consulting regarding corporate strategy, e-business strategy, IT strategy or business software ERP
  • Integrating  the IT controlling into the corporate strategy and the IT business process management

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